It all started on a whim. A ridiculous, passing thought that somehow willed itself into action before I even knew what was going on.

Starting in February 2014, I decided that every day, for the following 28 days, I would do something I had never done before. Yes, every single day. Some little things. Some larger things. And a few remaining that perhaps didn’t quite adhere to the literalness of the word “never”. But essentially close enough.

At first, I thought the idea would simply be interesting. As someone who isn’t particularly fond of “going out”, at least in the sense that the majority of people do, I sort of wondered how I would react. Would I be inspired? Would I collapse after day two into a pile of exhaustion? Would I decide it was all a terrible mistake and that I’m never going to leave the house again? Or would my mind and body acclimate to the process and integrate itself into things going forward?

So I thought… what the heck. Let’s find out! For 28 days I tested myself to think, participate, and experience the world in a slightly different way. And at the end of it all, I not only had a few interesting stories to tell; but perhaps even a new way of forging ahead through my fears, assumptions, and self-imposed limitations.

And… if you want to contact me for whatever insane reason is brewing inside your head… just drop me a line at contact@intrepidintrovert.com



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