Day 13 : Crochet Something Ugly

I can now officially say I have a new respect for all the traditional Grandmas of the world. At least when it comes to their crafting abilities.

I got the idea to try my hand at crochet after seeing some “free” classes advertised at a local fabric shop. But, being that this shop is a little on the high end side, I didn’t really feel like showing up to something which was in reality a glorified time-share-style sales pitch to buy their $50/skein yarn. I can just pick up some cheap ass yarn and learn it at home.

Which was also a great idea, because I needed to be home all day to wait for some minor repairs on my apartment to be completed.

Knowing this in advanced, I went to my local crafty craft store, planning on picking up some yarn and a hook or two, but then I saw this:

Learn to Crochet Book

A whole book, with DVD included, titled I Taught Myself Crochet! And it was only a few dollars more than just purchasing the hooks by themselves. Perfect!

As you can see, I even bought two different colors of yarn, imagining myself constructing the cutest darn cat-scarf ever. Because you can’t really call yourself a blog unless you post a cat picture at some point. And really, it didn’t seem like this was reaching. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. I’ve dabbled a little in pattern making. I was way into that plastic canvas stuff in grade school; enough so, that combined with my stellar, “stylish” attire, my own brother used to call me a “Young Grandma”. It’s about time I stepped it up a notch, right?

Well…. as you can see from my first attempt here, it turns out I may not be quite ready for old ladyhood after all.

First crochet failed attempt

I get extra credit for all the cats I’ve collected, right?

Terrible, just terrible. Neither the book nor the DVD was particularly helpful, either. And seriously, I was frustrated enough I just had to give up. Crochet Day quickly turned into Lobster Day, once I realized I was free to leave my apartment.

Well, a couple days later I decided it was time to brave the crochet hook once again, this time turning my attention to good ol’ YouTube for instruction.

And it turns out I’m still terrible, but at least I’m further along the suckage spectrum.

Second crochet try

Okay, one more try…

Third crochet try

Wellll? After several hours, I had to admit that this was about as good as it was going to get at the moment.

So, what do you do with a small strip of horrific-looking crochet?

Ugly crochet bracelet

Pictured: Failed Grandma.

Turn it into the ugliest bracelet known to man! Of course!

Get ready, people, my etsy shop is just days from opening. The orders are going to start pouring in!


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