Day 17 : Fit to Run

It’d really be more accurate to say I’m “fit to walk”. I’m not really too much of a runner, per se, but I do clock-in at a fairly brisk pace. A kind of faster-than-leisurely walker, if you will.

Up until now, though, I have primarily bought all of my athletic shoes online; or at a self-serve, big-box Sports R’ Us store. Unfortunately, the shoes I had previously liked seemed to have changed beyond my comfort when the models were “updated”, and my last couple of internet orders haven’t entirely worked out too well.

So, despite the fact that I dislike going to places where I need to be assisted by any sort of salesperson, (do people actually trust the opinions of someone who, by definition, is trying to sell you something?), it appeared it was time to suck it up and check out an honest-to-goodness running shoe store.

Yes, today’s “activity” is an errand. Don’t judge me.

Upon arrival, there certainly seemed like a good variety of shoes, which is precisely what I was looking for. I was greeted by a young woman who was already helping someone else, possibly even a couple of people. In-between helping everyone else; she watched me walk, measured my feet, and even placed me on some sort of foot pressure machine. And it was no surprise that I’ve got high arches and I overpronate.

Several pairs of shoes were brought out for me. I was instructed to try each one by going outside and walking around on the sidewalk. Considering you can’t usually return internet shoes if you’ve so much as breathed on them, I wondered what they do with all the shoes people try on. My personal shoe-helper would also periodically take a peek at me walking in the different pairs, to make sure she chose the appropriate type for my foot.

And after trying on about 6 different pairs, I finally settled on a pair of purple Saucony’s that I swear I didn’t buy because they were purple. The ones I tried on were a hideous pink. I was enormously happy there was another color.

running shoesIn the end, it turned out to be a much easier process than I anticipated. It also happens that they cost exactly the same as on the internet. And even better, after taking the shoes out a couple times, they still seem like a good fit.

Nothing profound. Just something small working out for a change.





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