Day 23 : Curling

Oh curling, it looks like you’re not just for Canadians anymore. In a completely random search for some less common sports to participate in, I found that you can actually take a how-to class right here in Los Angeles. Well… you have to drive deep into the Valley to get there, but close enough.

Much to the chagrin of my Scandinavian heritage, I haven’t set foot near an ice rink in… a decade or two? I’d forgotten exactly how cold it is inside. I was having a hard time deciding what to wear beforehand, but I was definitely glad that I had thought to bring some gloves with me, because my fingers otherwise wouldn’t have been happy.

Surprisingly, it turns out the evening was not only sold out, but that the organization running the class added another one just to accommodate how many people wanted to learn to curl. I haven’t been keeping up, but it turns out a huge amount of people were there because they saw it on the Olympics and thought it was interesting. Me? I guess I’m just a repository of strange knowledge, since I can’t exactly remember not knowing about curling.

The people who showed up were exceedingly friendly. I’m supposing that’s in part because the kind of people who would show up to an event like this are probably not there for glory and attention. I struck up conversations with a couple different women sitting near me while we were waiting to get on the ice, and as luck would have it, we were all put into the same group together. In fact, we ended up with what appeared to be the only all-woman team. Go ladies!

First off, this sport is ridiculous. I mean, really, it is. But that’s a major part of why it’s fun. We first practiced passing stones to each other, and then we progressed to actually launching them towards a target. Everyone in our group was super supportive, and we all cheered and clapped after everyone got a turn. The whole situation was just so hilarious that it was impossible not to have a good time.

And then we got out the brooms. Sweep sweep sweep sweep! I was happy I didn’t crack my head trying to keep up with the fast projectile gliding along. Although, sometimes we didn’t. And that was pretty hilarious, too.

What can I say, I was totally surprised at how fun this ended up being. Who knew? I’m actually a little sad it isn’t closer to where I live, I might consider going back more often. In the summertime, It’d be pure heaven.

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