Day 24 : Ethiopian Food

Wow, I didn’t think curling would add much to my ongoing soreness, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wake up feeling like I had fallen on my ass a couple of times last night. Oh wait… it’s probably because I did do that.

After a workweek’s full of active activities, today I definitely needed to give my body a bit of a rest. And as luck would have it, I don’t live too far from Little Ethiopia these days; a place that I used to commute through for over three years straight, and always wanted to give a try. Perfect.

I decided to call in an order for pickup, because I didn’t want to deal with being polite to a server. And it seemed promising that the woman at the other end of the phone had rather limited English skills. When she read back my order to me to confirm, I had no idea what she had just said. In this case I just said, “Yup, that’s exactly right”. Knowing full well I might be getting something crazy. Hey, this is supposed to be an adventure, right?

So, I drove over, picked up my food, brought it home, and took a look inside. I’ve heard Ethiopian food compared to Indian food before, and although I wouldn’t say that’s entirely accurate, I could kind of see the comparison.

ethiopian food

I also thought that I had ordered a beef dish and two vegetables, but what I got was beef, chicken, and lentils. Pretty close. They were bedded on top of what’s called injera; which is a large, spongy, sour pancake of sorts. It tasted okay with the food, but by itself seemed like it might be a bit of an acquired taste.

Overall, not bad. Not sure if I’d call it a favorite, but I did put some away in the refrigerator to eat later.

And later did come. Several hours later, in fact, when I started feeling funny. Kind of hot, a little nauseous. Oh dear…. excuse me! …

It looks like I had come down with a touch of food poisoning. Faaaabuulous.

I really don’t eat out all that often. Honestly, I find it easier to just cook at home. So considering the last time I had food poisoning was when I took a short vacation to San Fransisco, and had to leave before I could take my much desired Alcatraz tour… I’m beginning to think the dining gods really have it in for me.

Damn it! After everything I’ve done this month, and this is what takes me down! So disappointing.



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