Day 25 : Poach an Egg

I felt fortunate when I woke up, only to realize that I had probably had a pretty mild case of food poisoning. I was tired, and had a headache, but wasn’t feeling incapacitated. I actually felt mildly hungry.

Nonetheless, I decided that I wasn’t going to push my luck. Today I was going to sleep as much as I darned well felt like. My little “fun experiment” would have to take a back seat to my health.

Sometime in the afternoon, however; I felt well enough that I could still technically complete my day’s activity, and feed myself at the same time. Today, it would seem, I would attempt to poach an egg.

Now, I’m not particularly fond of runny yolks, and having never tried them before, I’ve always kind of assumed I wouldn’t like poached eggs. (And should someone recovering from food poisoning be eating slimy, runny eggs?) So instead, I found some instructions on how to make scrambled poached eggs.

And really, it turned out that it pretty much just involved boiling water…


A watched pot never… proves to be interesting.

… stirring, throwing in the eggs, and waiting half a minute.

And the result? I obviously didn’t scramble my eggs well enough, and the consistency seemed fine. But, if I make them again I’ll have to figure out what to do about flavor. Pretty damn bland, even if you add salt after-the-fact. Although, on top of toast they were much better.


Then again, I guess I needed bland on a day like today. Hopefully it’ll help me to gently finish out the week.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


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