Day 27 : Zumba

Feeling much better and full-enough of energy, I decided to try out another dance/fitness-type class. Tonight was supposed to be the second and last improv class, but I decided to go ahead and skip it. I’m all for personal growth, but I really, really didn’t want to go back. It did give me some food for thought, though; so perhaps I can find a way to increase my “on the spot” thinking/ not panicking when I have to speak, without having to abide by all those improv-specific rules. So, it definitely wasn’t all in vain.

The studio I picked to take the zumba class from wasn’t a generic gym or exercise studio, either. Rather, it was more of a Brazilian cultural center, offering all sorts of dance classes, with some music and language. I had been eyeing one of their samba dance classes, but admittedly, was a bit too intimidated to try jumping right into something like that. Also, a review I read stated that they frequently do freestyle dance with everyone surrounding you in a circle. Yeah…. no. This white girl-who-studied-ballet-as-a-kid was definitely not ready for that yet.

Zumba, however; seemed doable, even though I didn’t entirely know what it was. I knew it was an exercise class based on latin dance, but what I didn’t know was that there was literally no cueing from the instructor. The teacher just jumps in and starts dancing, and you’re supposed to follow along. I felt like I was keeping up reasonably well for a first-timer, until I spied how ridiculous I looked in the mirror. Oh well. If anything, this month has made me a lot more used to looking ridiculous on a daily basis.

Somewhere around the two-thirds mark, I really started getting tired. I don’t tend to do a lot of high-energy aerobics, and it was definitely showing. Even worse, was that there was what looked like an 80 year-old grandma hanging in there better than me. Come ON! I’ve got to be in better shape than that.

But, in the end, I did barely make it. I had a good time despite feeling like, yet once again, I had no idea what I was doing. I’m sure I burned a ton of calories. And I was able to spot a fellow ballerina by how she held her fingers. Which made me feel like I fit in better, despite the fact she was obviously good, and well… the same can’t be said for myself.

C’est la vie!


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