Day 28 : Acro-Cats!

I was all set to take in a yoga class for my last day; I’ve been doing yoga for years at home, but have never taken an in-person class. But then I got an email that let me know the Acro-cats were performing in LA for the next couple of weeks. Dear lord, a trained cat show? I really need to see this.

So, off I went, wearing my very favorite pair of cat boots, leaving my own cat behind, to see a show with more cats.

TUK cat boots

Pictured: Single Lady

After driving in the rain to get there, parking turned into a nightmarish ordeal. I couldn’t find anything within a half-mile radius, and it isn’t exactly the greatest neighborhood. But the big reason for the problem is that I was arriving for a 7pm show, and the street parking didn’t open up until 7pm. So, I ended up driving around until about 6:55, and scored a space right in front of the theater when it was close enough I didn’t think I’d get ticketed. Unfortunately, it was general seating, which meant that I didn’t get a great seat arriving that late, but at least I didn’t have to leave in tears because I couldn’t find parking. This is one of those cases that I have to assume the other attendees knew something I didn’t. Yelp, you totally failed me on parking instructions!

Nonetheless, it was everything you’d expect a rescue-cat-turned-show-cat show would be. Cool tricks from cats who usually did the tricks… but sometimes decided they weren’t in the mood. I mean, they may be well trained, but they’re still cats.

Sometime during the show a black and white cat named Jax decided to go roaming through the audience. We had already been apprised that sometimes they do that, and not to freak out or go chasing after them. The cat ended up running back to my row, walked across several seats, and then sat on my lap for a few minutes before leaving to say hello to more people. At this point I’m rather convinced that I naturally emit some sort of human cat pheromones. It’s really kind of strange.

acro-cats show

tuna playing cowbell

Tuna plays the cowbell

What can I say? I love cats. The show had cats. I got to pet cats. I got to show off my stylin’ boots without being looked at like I was crazy. So, I’d definitely say it was a successful ending to my month-long experiment. So much so that I had planned on dropping by the grocery store after the show; because I thought it’d be fun to pick up a small, celebratory dessert and some snacks to have a little “I did it!” party… and then I totally forgot until after I got home. If I ever forget about dessert, you can bet I had a decent time. Either that, or I’m feverishly running for my life in a mad panic after the planet has been turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Thankfully, it wasn’t that.

But, no matter. I’m nothing if not resourceful in matters such as these. I simply whipped up a quick “brownie in a mug” (or rather, a pyrex bowl), and voila! Dessert.

Congratulations! I did it!

brownie in a mug candle



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