Marching at my Own Pace

After giving myself a little time to recover from my February of insanity, it had come to my attention that an unusual 5k event was coming to LA at the end of March. A fun run that involved glow sticks, music, blow-up thingys, different “zones”… and running in a prom dress at night. Since I’m a bit sensitive to both light and heat, the idea of a night run was kind of appealing (Plus, without armed guards I can’t exactly go running around LA by myself at night, either). But really, the whole idea seemed so ridiculously absurd that I felt compelled to sign myself up.

Now… I should point out that I don’t exactly run. In fact, I don’t run at all. But I do walk on a pretty regular basis, and at this point and time I had convinced myself that I’m capable of doing anything. “Come on, self. You know you can easily walk a 5k. Surely you can learn to slowly jog one in a month, right? Right?” Well… here goes nothing!

A week or so later, though, still walking and not exactly too far into the running training… I was notified that the “Bad Prom Run” had been cancelled. I was rather disappointed, because for exercise it sounded fun in a deeply stupid kind of way, but I can’t say I wasn’t a bit relieved that I didn’t have to push myself harder than I should for the next few weeks. Let’s not forget that I’m no longer in my 20’s (or… <ahem> my 30’s even), and February had been an overwhelming whirlwind of activity.

All is not completely lost, however. Not wanting to lose my newfound over-confidence, I decided to go ahead and start slowing training for an imaginary 5k… at my very own, appropriately slow, old-person’s pace. I’m currently in the walk/run stage (with a heavy emphasis on the walk portion), but I’m finding it both more doable, and more physically complex than I had anticipated. I am finding it funny how my rebellious feet and legs don’t always want to do the simple things I tell them to do. I’m guessing it serves my tyrannical brain right for constantly bossing them around so much. Ugh, no one likes bossy.

Guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to worry about racing to the finish line… for now.

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